De Royan Construction

Our company was founded in 1979 when “Construction Olympia enr.” changed its name to “Les Constructions De Royan Inc.”

I began as a carpenter with a dream of one day starting my own business. In 1982, that time came even though my partner at the time didn’t want to become a general contractor. I started alone in Fabreville with my first model home: “Le Chanteclerc”. Business doing well, my brother Yvan joined me and the adventure continues to this day.

Our first models were named after different towns from the province of Quebec, but recently we started to name them after famous French castles. Buying a home is always a dream come true, so why not make it our own little castle and take care of it so that the property can increase in value?

Over the years, we’ve built about 1500 units in Laval, Terrebonne, Lachenaie, Rosemere, Lorraine, Ste-Therese-de-Blainville, Boisbriand and Blainville.

In the Fontainebleau project in Blainville alone, we have already built about 350 houses.

In February 2006, we received the distinction of “Maître constructeur, Palme Diamand” (Master Builder, Palm Diamond), the highest mark in the residential construction industry. This honorary title is bestowed on builders having obtained a rate of customer satisfaction of more than 97% for a period of 25 consecutive years. We are very proud of this great milestone.

Our objective: your satisfaction. Your satisfaction: our motivation.